Bob Wood Photography | Bob Wood, Photography Artist; In his words.

I have followed the works of many photographers.  I always viewed their work as art, and I wanted to use this medium as a way of expressing myself as they did.  It does not come easy, but it absolutely is the most enjoyable and satisfying work I have ever attempted.  I invite you to join me on this journey and grow with me.  The best is yet to come for my art.  I am a serious artistic photographer.

My inspiration for art comes from my mother and her family.  In music, dancing, woodworking, painting, and photography, art has played a significant role in the offspring of Paul and Gladys Coppock, my grandparents who lived in Memphis, Tennessee.  Many times I have wondered at the talent of my cousins and aunts and uncles--a family trait that did not seem to wind its way into my personal endeavors until only recently.  Not that I did not try, but my offerings were short lived and never mastered--far from it--until now.  After my mother had her photos accepted for display in the Iowa State Fair, I became inspired and picked up a point-and-shoot camera and began traveling the gravel roads of the nearby counties here in Iowa, looking for subjects that satisfied my idea of art.  It has just been seven years, starting in 2008.  I continue to work and learn digital photography, and to improve my talent. A recent journey into film and mechanical cameras helped me get back to the roots of my work and relearn much of what I thought I knew.  Film has now become a part of my artful images, and along with digital advances, I am enjoying the best of both worlds. If anything, it will certainly improve and grow my art.

Currently my art can be found in restaurants, offices, websites, private homes, hotels, Soldier Creek Winery, and art shows.  I have been privileged to work with manufacturers and large corporations in promoting their business and community presence.  I am availabe as well for business and professional portraits.  I enjoy landscapes, architecture, and vintage photographs of American manufacturers, factory and farm tools, rural scenes and barns.  

The most wonderful part of being a photographer is there are no ugly days--we find beauty in everything.  The world becomes more beautiful everyday.  I hope you'll join me in admiring our world through photography.  

My influences are:  my mom, Gladys Wood; Earl Major, Major of Memphis Photography; Alfred Steiglitz; Ansel Adams; Group f/64; Georgia O'Keefe; Emily Soto; Deanna Cathcart; Roger Feldhans; Fort Dodge Area Camera Club; Keith B. Dixon; and TPEG.  I thank them all for their enormous contributions to my art.

Memberships:  Iowa Central Community College Art Department Advisory Board, Fort Dodge Public Library Board of Trustees, Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance, Blanden Memorial Art Museum, TPEG (The Photographer's Exposure Group), Fort Dodge Area Camera Club, Lizard Creek Blues Society-Founder.

Bob Wood was born in Orange, California in 1956 and moved to Iowa in 1958.